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Steps to Maximize WiFi Coverage at EX6200

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Today, extender plays a very important role in internet connectivity. is a default web address used for setup of your Netgear ex6200 WiFi range extender. It helps in empowering the signal strength of internet. It boost the speed of the network and boost the performance.

Netgear ex6200 device is a dual-band extender used to extend the range of your WiFi router. In case, when your router signals is not able to long distance and those places where you want to use range extender, then you can use this extender. Netgear ex6200 WiFi range extender has 5 Gigabit ethernet ports on USB 3.0 port. It works as a bridge and act as a media server. WPS is simplest way to setup Netgear range extender. For this, you have to connect Netgear extender and press WPS button of router. The extender will also helps to boost the WiFi at your office or home.

This device is used to enhance and expand the WiFi coverage. Its core processor delivers best WiFi performance and mainly used at big places to extend internet connectivity to every corner of the building. It is compatible to work with any standard router. It also extend the streaming experience of several devices. This extender comes up with extra antennas to enhance the digital experience. One of the best feature of this WiFi range extender is that it has best security features. It provide the feature of WiFi protected access. It is a ideal device for high streaming and gaming.

Steps to Setup Netgear EX6200 Using Netgear Genie Software Wizard

  1. Plug-in your WiFi range extender to your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Connect your device to Netgear ex6200 rang extender through wires or wireless connection.
  3. Client link light will become solid green after successfully connected with WiFi range extender.
  4. Open any web browser and enter ex6200 in the web address search bar.
  5. Now, click on new extender setup.
  6. Click on next to complete the WiFi range extender setup.
  7. Click on WiFi network. After that enter your network key and passphrase. Tab on next button to continue the setup process.
  8. After entering the fields, you have the option to change SSID and passphrase of your extender by using the same existing network password. To save all the changes in the settings, click on continue button.
  9. Connect your device to ex6200 SSID before moving further.

Now, your WiFi range is connected successfully connected to the existing WiFi network.

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